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Tigers are among the world’s most intelligent, beautiful and physically amazing creatures and there are tons of amazing and interesting facts about tigers. Everything from their gait to the way they pounce on their prey is copied in some respect by humans who study them. They are among the most popular of the animal kingdom as well, a fact that is well documented given that there is so much media evidence of their existence, survival, evolution and way of living. There is a great deal more to learn about tigers however, which is made evident by the fact that more and more documentaries and literature is written about these creatures every day.

There are so many variations, subspecies, coat colors, types of walking and hunting techniques found among tigers.

Furthermore, the powerful beasts are on the brink of extinction which means they are given all the more attention and speculation. Their endangerment and extinction is among the world’s most growing worries.

Below are some lesser known facts about these majestic creatures:

  • A tiger’s forelimbs are said to be so powerful that they can stay standing even once they’ve died. There have been several cases where a tiger has been shot and killed, bled out and died, all the while staying in a standing position.
  • Tigers can weigh up to 300 kg, which translates to around 700 pounds. This is a fact that varies in different subspecies of tigers however, but they are all known to be big, heavy cats.
  • If confronted with a tiger, it is less likely to kill you if you make and maintain eye contact with it. As these creatures mostly use the element of surprise to hunt, they are less likely to kill if they have lost that.
  • Tigers are born blind, and can only begin to see in the second week of their lives. Due to this fact, at least half of them do not live past the first week of their lives.
  • There is a distinctive white spot behind a tiger’s ears, which is called an ocelli. Apart from this, tiger saliva is said to be a very effective antiseptic.
  • A tigers tongue is said to be covered with small, rear-facing projections. These are called the papillae and are to ensure the tongue is rough, giving it a rasping texture that helps the tigers prey on their victims, helping to tear off its skin and bite off meat, fur or feathers.
  • Tigers are known to be very solitary creatures who prefer to hunt alone. Only a mother and her cubs spend a certain amount of time together.
  • Tigers are known to share their meal with other tigers, unlike lions who have been recorded fighting to death over the possession of a meal.
  • This makes tigers a superior, more friendly creature. Tigers also wait for the females and the subs to enjoy the hunted prey first, unlike lions who are known to do the opposite.
  • A tiger’s diet is actually quite diverse. Some tigers eat deer or antelope, wild boar or buffalo. But there are also varieties that eat birds, rodents, fish, rhinos, crocodiles or even leopards! There are so many sub species of tiger that it is quite uncommon to find similar dietary habits of these creatures.
  • It is a well documented fact that tigers only consider a human as prey if they are threatened by it. There are several cases where humans have successfully made tigers their live-in pets.
  • It is a commonly known fact that if a tiger backhands a human, they will very likely die. A tigers’ paws are very sharp and strong, and even if a tiger is playfully toying with a human, their sheer physical strength is enough to seriously injure them.
  • Tigers apply various techniques to hunt their prey, one of which is imitating the calls and voice tones of other animals to attract them. Once they have successfully attracted the prey they hastily eat them. Another less known fact about tigers is their intelligence. A tiger’s brain weighs about 300g, which is the second largest recorded in all carnivores.
  • Tigers prefer to create shelter closer to water, thus it is also a fact that they are very good swimmers. They can dive very deep to hunt for prey, or just to cool down in a fresh stream.

Tiger’s are amongst the most researched species of animals on earth and ever increasing research on them by scientists reveals numerous interesting facts about tigers one can’t wait to hear.

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