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During my childhood, I was always intrigued by the thought of where do various animals live and especially, where do tigers live? In the animal kingdom, several factors come into play when it comes to their habitat. Some animals are born in an immensely warm climate, while others cannot survive outside snowy mountains. Tigers are resilient and strong creatures but even they have to live in an environment that best suits their needs. Apart from cases where they are captured and forced to live within the confines of a zoo or a circus and so on, tigers must live in the specific habitat they were born in. Frankly speaking, it is not only important for the survival of the animal but for the humans as well.

Their Favoured Cynosures

There are a wide range of habitats that tigers inhabit, but they are commonly found in the thickest of rain forests of South Asia. Let us consider the example of Malayan Tiger’s habitats. As it is a species of tiger that prefer rainforests, it is usually found in thick, luscious green forests where there are ponds and swamps, in savannahs or grasslands or even rocky mountains. There are typically a few requirements that need to be met for a tiger to be comfortable in their habitat. They must be well within the reach of food, shelter and water. Tigers are not sensitive creatures and can live in rough terrain, but they must have steady breeding grounds as well, since they cannot survive their entire timelines without the same. They require specifically concealed shelter so that they may stalk their prey and feed themselves satisfactorily. They must also be shielded from potential human threats and weaponry.

A Safe Heaven Is Mandatory

As Tigers are regularly hunted for pleasure or to keep as pets, they are monitored carefully and kept a close eye on by wildlife preservation organizations. Furthermore, tigers’ breeding patterns and several other habits are recorded in order to understand the species better, so their shelter is kept as a careful secret. Malayan tigers, as per the example, prefer to cool down in streams and refreshing water, thus they are usually found in a close proximity to lakes or streams. They are also known for being excellent swimmers and can easily pursue their prey by following them upstream. Tigers are known for spending quite a lot of thought and time into hunting their prey, they exert a lot of energy into stalking and catching their prey which is usually very fast itself. They do not like to be interfered with, thus are usually found in open fields as well.

Regions Boasting The Largest Number Of Tigers

In terms of region, Asia is definitely known for having the largest number as well as species of Tiger. It is home to a large number of endangered creatures. There are several very rare subspecies of tigers that are found in the forests of Asia, specifically India. The lower part of the northern ranges of Pakistan are also known to hold some very rare breeds and photographers from all around the world frequently come for a glimpse of them. There are Tigers living in China, Korea, Russia, the Far East Asia and South East. As the tigers must live near water, they are usually found near wherever there’s water.

Preservation Of Tiger Habitats

Tiger habitats are constantly under scrutiny as there are countless threats to them. One of these threats is deforestation, a factor that has played a major role in the extinction of a huge number of species of tiger. The extinction of animals in our current day and age is a shameful fact, especially considering the current advancements in the field of technology. Not being able to save these beautiful animals even the current age is an unfortunate fact.

Extinction Of Their Living And Hunting Grounds

Tigers are animals that prefer solitude when they hunt, but unfortunately due to deforestation their hunting grounds are becoming smaller and smaller. This has lead to several incidences especially in South East Asia where tigers have left their habitat and wandered into rural or urban areas, devouring humans whole or preying on unassuming children. This leads to them being hunted down and killed by concerned citizens, and thus slowly leads to their extinction. It is a concept that is harrowing to say the least, but is especially harmful to the future of the animal species as a whole. Humankind must work hand in hand to ensure the survival of these majestic creatures, as it would be a huge shame to not be able to enjoy these creatures and their existence in the future while we’ll have no answer to our children’s innocent ponder about where do tigers live?

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