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Today we’ve decided to bring some cool White Tiger Facts for your interest in the hot summer. White Tiger is amongst the most popular of all in the animal kingdom, and is known as the Bengal Tiger alternatively. It is a rare breed that is the envy of breeders, pseudo sanctuaries and exhibitors around the world, and really reels in the visitors and the money, with their compelling nature.

The Genetics Of White Tigers

They are known for being a sub-species of the Bengal tigers, but should not be mistaken for being albino or another species altogether. These are bred when two Bengal tigers are made to breed with one another when both have a recessive gene. It is this recessive gene that controls the color of the coat, and brings out the beautiful pure white color of the White Tiger. One of the famous myths surrounding the white tiger is that they were all bred from the one, same tiger and thus, originated from a single white tiger. This would lead to the conclusion that all White Tigers are inbred, a theory that has not been proven not disproven. If it is true, this could provide an explanation towards the genetic problems that any white tigers may have been prone to in the past or the future.

Conservation Of White Tigers

There have been several cases where the tiger has not been able to live beyond its first few months, due to genetic mutations or any internal problems. As the cubs are usually inbred and then born in a zoo, they do not receive the proper natural training they normally would get out in the open and must sometimes be “disposed” due to malformations at birth. It is quite a harrowing concept, and one that has had the animal conservation community in an uproar especially given the fact that the entire species of tigers is endangered now. With such genetic issues popping up, White Tigers are now also being bred with Siberian tigers in order to produce a larger specimen for the race of tigers itself. While a large part of the animal conservationists are supportive of this cause, there are just as many who believe that this will cause further mutations and ruin a pure species. The results are yet to be determined, but the White Tigers currently surviving are being carefully monitored and taken care of.

The Side Effects Of Human Influences On Reproduction

One of the adversities faced with the breeding of Siberian tigers with White tigers is that there is a surplus in orange tigers while the pure Bengal tigers become rarer and rarer. The breeders are known to be after the money making rather than the conservation of the species, which is becoming a worldwide problem. Once a litter is laid out, breeders ensure they get first pick of the cubs, they will quickly hoard cubs that will sell for the most money in the market and do not care for the remaining. The cubs who do not meet the “color requirements” for the zoo-keepers or the breeders themselves are disposed of; as their importance is based on how well-received they are by the public and thus, how many visitors they bring in.

Steps To Curb Criminal Breeding Norms

Organizations such as the Wild Animal Orphanage and the USDA have to get involved in the breeding norms and practices of these rare animals, to ensure such criminal acts are not repeated. It takes the combined efforts of concerned citizens as well as several undercover agents to ensure practices such as above don’t become a norm. An example of this is the recent case of the Siberian Tiger Foundation, which was shut down as it had only become a money making experiment with ruthless practices being carried out. The breeder would declaw or chain down majestic animals to ensure the public could pet them. This also meant that he could charge the public large sums of money, and even gave out the animals on rent for parties and such. These practices were carried out in private, and were only brought to light through concerned members of the public who saw the foundation for what it was.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is another foundation that has helped the conservation of such animals and has been at the forefront of ensuring inhumane practices are eradicated. White tigers are wild, majestic beings who deserve the respect of the public and need to be conserved for the future of our planet, and it is only through the awareness campaigns of WHO and such organizations that they can be saved, thus it is important that we all play our part in helping them. A major step in this direction could be raising awareness about White Tigers among general public by helping them learn White Tiger Facts.

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