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While there are several types of tigers found in the world, there are 9 total species that can be counted off the tip of one’s fingers. Some of these are endangered species, while the others are thriving quite well. However, one of the problems facing tigers around the world is that they are being hunted and kept in zoos and conservatories where the public may survey them. The major types of tigers are:

  • Siberian Tigers.
  • Bengal Tigers
  • Indochinese Tigers
  • Malayan Tigers
  • Bali Tigers
  • South China Tigers
  • Caspian Tigers
  • Jayan Tigers
  • White Tigers

Siberian Tigers are the most well known of the bunch. These are strong, muscular tigers with clear stripes and large heads. They have several variations of color ranging from orange to brown to black and are splashed with different colored stripes from white to black. They have long, signature whiskers which are known to be longer in the male species, while both genders have rounded pupils and yellow irises. They have an extremely strong sense of hearing and have the strongest forelimbs of the entire tiger species. They can take down an animal twice their size due to their physical strength and speed.

Bengal Tigers

Bengal tigers are much more varied. They have nine subspecies, three of which are known to already be extinct. These have been around for a long, long time and have been historically the most well-documented. They are known to be the surviving subspecies of a particular Pathera Tigris capacity, which was found in the South Asian region. As can be judged by its name, these tigers can be found in Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Nepal. They roam both tropical and subtropical lands, scrub forests, mangroves and so on. They are known for being very long in length, reaching close to 120 inches horizontally.

The Indochinese Tigers

The Indochinese tigers, as can be guessed, originated from the Indonesian region and have been found in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, China, Thailand and Vietman. They are known to be much smaller in size if one compared to the other species, and are darker in color. However, they are much heavier than the others as well, reaching up to 420 pounds in males and 310 in females. These species prefer forests and mountainous areas and are quite agile on their feet. Unfortunately, conservation efforts for this species have been lacking and there is only a small amount of this species left.

Malayan Tigers

Malayan Tigers were recognized as a subspecies in 2004 and originate from the Malay Peninsula. They make up a large part of the Diversity Study of the United States National Cancer Institute and are, as can be imagined, nearing extinction. There are only about 500 of these animals left. Malayan tigers are quite lightweight, only weighing up to 100 kg, and have a strong impact on the Malaysian culture.

South China Tigers

South China Tigers are among the most endangered subspecies and thus, are heavily watched over by wildlife conservationists. They are quite small, ranging between 80 to 100 inches in length, and weigh up to 400 pounds in the maximum.

Bali Tigers

Bali tigers are known to be the smallest subspecies, and were limited only to the region of Bali but have spread out towards Indonesia as well. They are the smallest subspecies as well, weighing only up to 100 kg and have a strong cultural as well as religious impact in that particular region.

Caspian Tigers

Caspian tigers are found in sparse forests near or around the Caspian sea. They are a rare sight, and conservationists have been single-mindedly making a strong effort to ensure their survival. The Caspian tiger also spurned the Amur Tiger, which is a famous subspecies that is heavily documented.

Javan Tigers

Javan tigers have been documented to be bigger than Bali tigers, but not by much. They are also quite light, weighing up to 100 pounds, but are known to be quite agile. These subspecies are not as well documented as its counterparts, and have been surviving quietly in the areas surrounding Mount Betiri.

White Tigers

White tigers are strong creatures which are also on the brink of extinction. They are found in the South Asian region of Pakistan, India or Nepal. They are a rare sight, and people come from all around the world to catch a glimpse of these on the snowy northern mountain areas of Pakistan.

Tigers are majestic and powerful beings known for their roaring beauty, and all types of tigers truly deserve the respect and awe that they inspire.

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